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Alexander Kjerulf

Good point about engagement going both ways. Too many workplaces are asking employees to be committed to the company - with little or no commitment going the other way.

My only beef with employee engagement is that it sounds kinda uninspiring. Were you engaged today? Does your boss engage you?

Which is why I always talk about happiness at work. The two are virtually synonymous anyway. You can't be engaged at work unless you're happy. You can't be happy if you're not engaged. But happiness just sounds more engaging (heh!) than engagement to me.

Creating a happy workplace sounds like more of a fun, worthwhile and meaningful exercise. It also sounds more like something employees, managers and owners can get behind and work together on.

Bu you probably knew I'd say that Steve :o)


Peter makes a great comment about creating an atmosphere of "We" in the workplace rather than "I-You".

I like to see a balance of both these things. "We" can't take responsibility for what "I or You" did (good or bad). At the same time, "We" learn together, move forward together, create an amazing team, and accomplish things that "I-You" never could alone.

Steve Roesler

The Chief Happiness Officer is back!

I like your take on the terminology. There always seems to be some reluctance in business to associate the words happiness and work--as you well know.

The engagement issue is more analytical and diagnostic. For those managers who need to break things into chunks in order to be able to address them, that seems to be a workable approach.

For those who are inherently tuned into the human factor, the whole issue seems like second nature.

Steve Roesler

Hey, Shane,

Nice observation about the "we" unable to take responsibility. There are a lot of organizations I've worked with that misinterpreted the idea of teamwork and consensus and ended up diluting their ability to get things done. Why? There was no individual responsibility/accountability for a lot of the action items.

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