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Mike Wagner

Steve, you've had a great series of post in recent days - I just haven't had time to sit down and write many comments.

But when I read, "if you're a manager, you have thoughts about people's performance that you are carrying around." I had to acknowledge you're living in the head of nearly every leader I meet with that observation!

So, what is the "do something" you recommend when a manager has been stuffing thoughts about someone's performance?

I know what the negative thing looks like - I've seen plenty unload in a less than healthy manner.

Always a read that boost my wisdom at All Things Workplace. Thanks for sharing your experience and insight.

Keep creating,

Steve Roesler

Hi, Mike,

I think you've given me the impetus for the next post!

But then again, you do that whenever you stop by.

Thanks, as always, for the meaningful visit...

Turtle King

Your column above is very good, but you forget how many bad companies are out there with poor managers that cause more stress on their employees then the employees could ever place on themselves. I am a Director at a company and the guys above me have no interest in providing feedback, even when asked for it. I would be interested in reading your thoughts on stress on the high performer due to the inability of management to realize the mindset of the high performer. As a high performer I have saved me company over a million dollars over the past 2 years, and exceeded expectations, only to get very little in returns (reward, promotion, etc). That is stressful!

Turtle King

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