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Dependent upon someone's age they might have to look a bit to get some answers on this. But if you've spent more than 10 years in the workplace and obtained at least reasonable positioning on the ladder, you know what's up. Especially if you travel. That's when you really see who's at work and who's makin whoopie.


Hi there, Shelia,

Well, I wondered how quickly the research would take us in a little different direction.

If I had thought about a prize, you'd be the winner! :-)

Karin H.

Of course we stay here Steve!

My thoughts: time, trends, ceiling.

For decades men have been career chasers, defending their 'rights' against upcoming women career chasers. They, the men, are now more relaxed on it - specially this group of college students.
Women are still in the mode of fighting that ceiling ("glass ceiling" that in many areas still exists in women career paths), hence when asked that specific question they react in the 'fighting' mode.

so, give it time and the women too will realise that most of the fighting is over and find their own (new) balance between romance and success - they will find they can have both ;-)

Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

Steve Roesler

Ah, Karin, I'm hearing the voice of thoughtful experience here.

Your insight could very well lead to a future post. Perhaps something like "Balance: That Which We No Longer Have to Fight For" or something similar.

Shall we collaborate?

Karin H.

Steve, let me see now....

Kent wants me to fill a blog on "How treating customers decently will turn them into loyal customers",
You want me to run a workshop on "Keep It Virtually Simple, Sweetheart",
Richard C wants me to prepare many marketing items for our next lunch-meeting (this Friday!).
Then there's my normal (wood)work, the gaining in popularity of The Blog-Studio's blog workshops, various meme's/tags I still have to honour.

Help, reaching a ceiling here ;-)

But love the idea! ! ! Sure we'll work something out (somewhere, sometime, somehow)

Karin H.

Steve Roesler

Oh, no problem and no rush, Karin.

Not surprised about the demand...although it challenges the simplicity of it all, eh?

Let's just say we'll look into it at the right moment!

Karin H.


Re challenge to simplicity: to be honest, because we make it 'simple' the demand is high, which on its own challenges the simplicity of my work-load ;-)

We will definitely write that post some day soon (where are weekends for anyway? )

Karin H.

dawna jones

At a time when people are seeking fulfillment and work is not doing it relationship needs to. Makes sense to me. People are people...follow the joy!

Steve Roesler


Now that's a clear and thoughtful look at the situation. I like it.


Where can I find now "Would You Rather Be Right or Romantic?" .

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