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Valeria Maltoni

I must have missed the show! Good cheer and fun with CG.

Steve Roesler

Hey, V,

Well, now I have to tell the whole story.

My first reaction was to call you, have a nice visit in Phlly, and hand off CG to you.

But there is a sequential list and it does make sense. Coincidentally I am headed to NYC, Greg's office is there, too, and he is next on the list.

Did we speak/email about creating a Philly event?

I think the multi multi-tasking is taking its toll...

C.B. Whittemore

Steve, you have totally outclassed us with CG! You make a terrific tour host and I can't wait to hear about the next stop in NYC....

Steve Roesler

Aww, shucks, C.B., that's too kind...

I think the little guy just makes us all feel like kids again and all that goes with it.

Now that we've had the chance to enjoy the CG visit, I'm looking forward to seeing how much fun everyone else has.

Tomorrow it's Greg's turn!

Phil Gerbyshak

So who read to whom Steve? George to you or you to George? Fun stuff no matter what! Great pictures. Thanks for taking and sharing them!

Arun Rajagopal

Dear Steve: Thank you for giving CG such a great time! You are awesome.

Steve Roesler

Hi there, Phil,

Now you've got me thinking. I'm not sure I recall exactly...

Steve Roesler

Arun, I hope CG still has plenty of energy left when he arrives in Muscat!

Luc Debaisieux

Hey Steve,
I'm back from holidays and just discovered your post now (sorry to be late!). WOW! Curious George must have spent a great time with you. And of course it's a great honor that he suggested to check the chapter of the AoC focusing on "Shared Consciousness". Can't wait to meet him and listen to the story of his journey and the days he spent with you. Thanks for sharing this with us! : )

Steve Roesler

Welcome back, Luc,

So glad to know that you checked him out. He is expecting to do some antique shopping in the Sablon and then head for the Grand Place. (I told him it was only a short train ride for you;-)

Becky Carroll

Steve, looks like CG is having a great time! When will his piano CD be ready for release? ;-)

Steve Roesler


Great idea. If we can get him to do a song at every stop, we'll release "The Best of CG"!

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