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True. We don't have to be quick at judging people. Mistakes are part of our development and if we give them a chance to learn, maybe they will change their style.

Steve Roesler

Hi, Charlie,

You are so right. The thing about any aspect of life is that we learn by trying things, see what goes right as well as what goes wrong, and then (hopefully) learn and make adjustments accordingly. There's also a time line involved. Everyone learns differently. And depending upon the difficulty and depth of the situation, a number of trial-and-error iterations may need to occur before we "get it".

Thanks for weighing in...


Nice post. I agree that each individual has a different approach in learning and it wouldn't be fair if we compare them with others.

Steve Roesler

Thanks for stopping by, Howie.

Learning really is a unique quest, eh?

Jim Stroup

You're right, of course, that we shouldn't demonize CEOs who fail to equal whatever peculiar standards we may have set for them, for whatever our own peculiar reasons may be for setting them. And as for the figure you so brilliantly sketched for us in the previous post, among the many things that can be said for him is one of my favorite: whatever view he may have had of his own unique ability to contribute, he was about the work, and contributing to its accomplishment - so, in his case, it seems to have been about the work, rather more than "them or me." As you painted him, his opinion of himself appeared to reflect less self-absorption than personal dedication.

But back to today's topic: Okay, we shouldn't demonize them. But neither should we make excuses for them because they have to bear such great burdens and still strive to be human beings. The burdens they bear can be managed. What many such burdens can't be is led by single individuals. Not for long. Something will break, and it's usually not the burden.

So, top managers can lighten their burden by removing the mantle of leadership from it, and return to managing their organizations, including all the brilliant people in them eager to be - not about "me or them" or "leaders" or "followers" - but about the work at hand.

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