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John W. McKenna


I look forward to your week of posting.

Take care...


Jim Stroup

Steve - i look forward with great anticipation to your treatment of this!

Steve Roesler

Hi, Jim,

Thanks for the encouragement. This is a topic of interest to both of us and I think that there is more to the issue than good/bad.

Let's see what unfolds...


Could part of the problem be that you and I won't let someone lead because we refuse to be followers?

Perhaps instead of arrogant, "sucky" leadership, we sometimes have arrogant, "sucky" followership.

I think you hit a real nerve with these 2 statements. Is the problem with leadership today that we all of us in our follower roles don't know how to behave? Are we all so much in control mode that we can't follow effectively? I wonder how much better the performance of our leaders would be if us followers enabled them to be good leaders.

Steve Roesler

Hi, Leslie,

That's sort of where I'm heading with this as part of the series. I'm sure some will be offended at the thought that "we" could be part of "their problem."

But the fact of the matter is: I could name a few times when I know for sure that my own selfishness got in the way of someone effectively executing a good plan. So now when I start to get that twinge of wanting to resist something, I stop and ask myself whether it's the person, the plan, or me.

The answer isn't always pleasant but the truth helps everyone involved.

Thanks for weighing in...

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