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Joe Raasch

Hi Steve,

So this is an example of where the right hand actually DOES know what the left hand is doing? I like it!

As you're aware, one of consulting's approaches is to be a 'pair of hands.' How interesting to go back to being someone's right hand or left hand - sort of a focused expert, but in concert with the rest of the 'body'. Great thoughts.

Steve Roesler

Joe, your take on it was so useful I've already added it to the post!

With thanks...

Joe Raasch

Hi Steve,

I am just starting my own consulting firm, yet I feel compelled to retire. Being mentioned in the same article as Charles Osgood (I catch him on CBS Sunday Morning) is the ultimate for me!

The results in this article touch on three important areas: past (music), present (friendship), future (hope).

Great series!

Steve Roesler


Consulting Rule #1: If you decide to start a consulting firm, you will never retire.

Consulting Rule #2: Your clients will think they pay you more than enough to retire early.

Consulting Rule #3: Since you aren't there 5 days a week, many will think you are already retired.

Consulting Rule #4: Use everything from the past to show clients how to do something in the present that will help them build a better future.

I think you and Charles would make a terrific team, although he isn't the kind of guy to ever say anything Raasch.

OK. I'll log off...

Joe Raasch

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the sage advice! My (step) mother-in-law ran her HR consulting firm for over 20 years and is now trying to move into coaching. She is finding it hard to get some clients to understand that she is not doing much consulting anymore.

One of my goals in life is to have Charles Osgood say something quintessentially 'Raasch'. (which rhymes with nosh, posh, gosh). Something like, "Get it done!"



Steve Roesler

Joe, the relatives in the fatherland will be pleased to know that you didn't water down the pronunciation of your surname.

When you go to rock concerts, do they start a special Maasch-pit?

Joe Raasch

Hi Steve,

Vor OH-, DIESE Idee gehabt haben 23 Jahren, als ich in einem Band war...!

At least that was what the translator said I should write.

Another interesting tie to your post and the comments: it was the director of the center that was open to figuring out a solution. Connecting with managers that are focused on solutions versus inaction can empower people to untold heights of success in many endeavors.

Tschuss erstmal,


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