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Wally Bock

There are a couple of things that work against a team member simply opening up about what's on his or her mind. One is the "welcoming" attitude or lack of it of the manager, as shown in all prior behavior. There's also the team member's experience with other managers at any time. There may be other inhibitory factors, too.

That means that team members may have good reasons for not opening up. So at the end of the day we're back to the fact, fair or not, that that manager's job is to accomplish the mission and care for the people and the latter includes encouraging good and modeling good communication.

Joe Raasch

Soooo.....'be the change you want to see in the world"...?

Steve Roesler


No argument at this end on the ideal.

But what happens if a manager is one of those who, for whatever reason, is really good at just about everything but this?

Steve Roesler

Aaaargggh, Joe,

Well, that's surely true. I've always tried never to actually say it:-)

Chris Bailey

I never thought I'd be such a defender of managers (guess it harks back to when I actually was one).

I understand what you're saying Wally...but here's the thing: if the team member doesn't open up for whatever reason, doesn't take that risk, then they're only part of the problem. And if the team member is in a position where their manager doesn't create a welcoming attitude, they don't say anything, and then wonder when the passion's going to magically arrive...well, that's just surrendering their potential to mediocrity. Either make a move or move on. As I mentioned in my comment to one of Steve's previous posts, both manager and employee share responsibility to bringing a sense of passion and purpose to any organizational work.

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