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Steve Bannister


So true!

"Minding the Gap" is everything. I read a great book by Luc de Brabandere called, "The Forgotten Half of Change" http://www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Half-Change-Creativity-Perception/dp/1419502751.

Brabandere talks about how people have no problem changing their environment but they have a huge problem in changing their perspective. Successful change involves changing twice (environment and perspective).

Thanks for the post and keep up the great work on your blog!


Steve Roesler


Man, you just gave me a great line for tomorrow morning. Am sitting in a hotel room getting ready to do a team session with some folks who are undergoing more changes than most people ever have to endure at a job. the "environment/perspective" approach could go a long way to helping them.

Apologies to you and the London Underground for pinching the photo:-)

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