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peter vajda

Hi, Steve,

Marshall Goldsmith, one of the few executive coaches whose no-nonsense work I admire (of "What got you here won't get you there" book fame, and i have no affiliation)interviewed more than 200 high-potential leaders from around the
world for his book.

He writes, "A key question that we asked was: "If you stay in this company, why are you going to stay?" The top three answers:

1. "I am finding meaning and happiness now. The work is
exciting, and I love what I am doing."
2. "I like the people here. They are my friends. This feels like
a team-like a family. I might make more money if I left, but I
don't want to leave the people here."
3. "I can follow my dreams. This organization is giving me the
chance to grow and do what I really want to do in life."

More curiously, he continues, "When my friend asked people who were on their death beds what really mattered in life, and when I asked young, high-potential
leaders what really mattered at work, we heard about the same

You write, Steve, "This could be an effective step toward becoming known as a Career Leader in your organization.

My take is that this type of conscious and honest reflection will not only support folks to 'become' career leaders, and engaged folks, but will 'stay' there as career leaders and engaged folks.

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