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peter vajda

I'm of the school of thought that says there's no such thing as time management-that it's about self-management...time is the symptom, "me" is the problem. When we work on self-management and self-regulation from a conscious, proactive (not reactive) place, time then ceases to be an issue.

Too, the element of values plays a large role here as making choices as to what to do, how and when is one based on values...murky and misguided values lead to confusion, chaos, "so-called" multitasking and chaos...inside and out.

With respect to priorities, many folks ask the wrong question, i.e., "What's next?" instead of the needed question, "What's first". Lack of self-management skills and clear values produces a lack of clarity and direction so everything is next and now and we know where that can lead.

As for ordering space, confusion "within" usually ends up in confusion "without."

Steve Roesler


OK, I'll come clean here:-)

I literally started my consulting business after sitting through a high-priced "time management" seminar and saying to myself, "No, those techniques don't get to the real point. It's all about understanding and managing yourself."

So, there's not going to be any debate on this one.

What I think I've learned, though, is that people want or need the "time management" designation in order to be able to classify or categorize certain issues. It turns out to be a way to discuss the "presenting" problem which opens the door to the pithier issues you describe above.

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Wally Bock

Seems to me that Peter has summed it up quite well. It's all about managing yourself. And people seem to use "time management" as the label for anything related to personal productivity, even though many entrepreneurs have tried to get them to call it something else. Search for "time management among Amazon books and one of the top books will be David Allen's Getting Things Done, which he describes as "significantly different from traditional time management training." Other entrepreneurs, like Jim Loehr, get at the same issues but call it "energy management." What I like about Peter's distinction is that it makes an awful lot of excuses go away.

Recent blog post: 12/14/08: Leadership Reading to Start Your Week

Steve Roesler


Peter frequently gets to the heart of issues that contain self-responsibility. He's done another good job with this one.

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