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Karin H.

Hi Steve

Perhaps not managers or influencers related - although, come to think of it - but coincidently wrote a blog post about a confusing ad I saw yesterday:
Marketing managers really need to be specific when promoting a new product - this one IMHO failed to do so by listing an extra option - optional 10 year warranty - to a product that according to them can give you 20 years of use.

Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

David Zinger


Thanks for being so specific. I am conducting a course and I will ensure I give 5 specific small and significant actions people can take to enhance another person's performance.


Steve Roesler

Hi there, Karin,

Thank you for the reference to your post (readers, go click and check it out!).

Do you think the marketing copywriters are still employed:-)?

Steve Roesler

David (this is specifically for David),

You are a fast learner. How do I know?

This was posted at 9:14 and you internalized the concept by 10:18 as noted in the timing of your comment.

Have you considered challenging the group to equal your feat by implementing 5 specific actions in 64 minutes?

Please fill us in after the gig. Enquiring Minds will want to know...

gl hoffman

Specifity always sells better. "Everyone" has one is not as effective as "Joe and Mary down the street have one."
But you should start at the higher level, the concept. Everyone bought into "hope" but it is when the specific programs see the light of day when problems develop. Same same in sales.
great topic, steve.

Karin H.

Hi Steve

I hope they 'sacked' the decision maker at a higher level ;-)
The one who thought: lets "invent" something that sounds really good, and adds more money to the client's bill but which is in fact not really needed for our quality products.

(Wonder what the R&D department thinks of that ad ;-))

Karin H

peter vajda

Two simple words I learned early on that always brought me to specificity and which can support others to do so as well: How so?

Steve Roesler

Ah, Peter:

Specificity plus Simplicity.

You can always be relied upon for a "Thought for Today."

Steve Roesler


When H. Ross Perot waxed poetic about the devil being in the details, he knew of what he was speaking.

This is always a stretch for me since I am a high-concept, big picture guy. Yet nothing happens until the picture gets so clear that others are able to see it the same way.

Thanks for adding the "problem" aspect...


Sorry. "37" is not specific enough.

If your goal was to open 100 accounts for the year and you had 63 to date, then your statement "37 more" would be specific enough.

Because your goal is revenue related, your specific ask need also to be stated with a specifc revenue component. What if the remaining 37 accounts are not average? Then your new accounts target is something more or less than 37. Your "37" leaves the receiver to assume something about each account and that, by defintion is not specific.

Mike Wagner

Being specific was always a challenge when preaching sermons with a wide range of ages and life settings.

But you are right; specific is sticky and energizing.

Keep creating...Mike

Steve Roesler

KO, no doubt if your scenario was what I was trying to emphasize, that would, indeed, be the case. In fact, you underscore the point quite nicely.

The idea here was simply to get folks thinking about the importance of degree of specificity. As a former sales manager, I feel your goal-oriented pain:-)

Thanks for taking the time to think that deeply and write that clearly...

Steve Roesler


Ah, the demands of broad-based audiences and the need for multiple specific examples for multiple demographics.

Such is the life of the leader...

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