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Wally Bock

The other great benefit of this technique is that they may actually have some ideas about how to say or do things better.

Frode H

Hi Steve.
I have experienced that including people in the prosess of creating the idea, often results in the people finding the same idea as I had in the first place, or they mostly come up with something better. And as a GREAT bonus, I do not need to convince them that this is a good idea, as it is theirs in the first place :)

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peter vajda

Hi Steve, I've found asking folks(and then listening!)(honestly, authentically and sincerely) "What do you think?" (re: an idea, proposal, etc.) leads to greater engagement and buy-in.

Jim Stroup

When you come back from conventions, training, or client visits, you can also alarm your colleagues with the peculiar ideas you may have picked up, not normally found at the home office. And so you do indeed want to find a way to explain them so that they receive fair and thoughtful - rather than hostile - consideration.

Great analogy!

Steve Roesler

Wally, Frode, Peter, and Jim:

By virtue of the comments and suggestions, I think we've proven the point of the post. What started off as an "idea" has expanded into a series of "how to's" that any manager could use to be even more effective.

Kudos to all.

Roy Gough

Why do so many miss that simple marketing strategy? It works pretty much every time.

Roy http://realworldsalesstrategy.blogspot.com/

Steve Roesler

Roy, I don't know, but it keeps people like us in business.

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