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Frode H

Hi Steve.
When motivating both explosions and staying power are neccessary to succeed. When I am in my best place I am extremly energetic and blow out positive energy, and then when a burst is over you must plan to follow up so the knowledge won't be left in the room when everybody leaves.

I think it is also important to note that positve explosions are great, and that negative explosions like anger should not exist in the work place. Uncontrolled anger is extremely destructive and should be avoided at almost any cost.

I do experience that positive energy burst actually re-fuel me, I can be drained after a day of motivation, but it gives me throttle for weeks after.

Wally Bock

Ah, the big question is: will you use your power for good or for evil?

Sorry, way too many comics when I was younger.

Steve Roesler


It sounds as if you have thought about this before.

I like the reference to "positive explosions." For sure, we'd all like to experience even more of those at work.

Steve Roesler


Glad you had some time to comment while your cape was being laundered.

Dan Erwin

Who was it that said that power is the great aphrodisiac?

Steve Roesler


At the risk of tweaking your Pastoral sensitivities, wasn't it Mae West?:-)

Mile High Pixie

Steve, I believe it was actually Henry Kissinger who said it, which is way creepier than Mae West. :-P

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