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Becky Robinson

Always useful, Steve. Now I really have to get my husband to read your stuff. When he was a pastor, he did everything he could to make meetings as short and purposeful as possible. I like the idea of considering every slide to see if it is really important.

Steve Roesler


There's probably a good reason that best-selling authors tout the expertise of their editors!

Tanmay Vora

Hi Steve - Effective communication is always brief. Be it meeting, writing, interaction or presentation. I wrote in my recent blog post that a meeting that goes beyond 60 minutes is an ineffective meeting.

Team almost always appreciates brief meetings, presentations and interactions.

Brevity is the king. Well written!

Utpal Vaishnav

Hi Steve,

To me, the meaning of the word “brief” is being more brain-friendly.

Human brain can remember bullet points easily rather than paragraphs. Similarly, well-formed and briefly communicated message reaches to the masses and remembered easily. That’s why masses get influenced by such messages.

Leadership means art of being influential; nothing more, nothing less.


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