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Jackie Cameron

Hi Steve - this is such a useful table. I recently had a conversation with another coach who believes that coaching falls under the heading of therapy and I disagree. I like the clarity of your explanation and will use it for future discussions.

Steve Roesler


One comment like that and you've made my day!

Wishing you well. . .

Wally Bock

This seems like a place where we need to be sure that we're using words in the same way.

"Counseling" is used in management context to mean "talking with a team member about their behavior or performance." I use it that way in my Working Supervisor's Support Kit when I say that every encounter with a team member is an opportunity to "coach, counsel, encourage, and correct."

But "counseling" also has a meaning that is more therapeutic where "counseling" is the process of unwrapping emotional and other baggage that affects performance. In that sense it doesn't seem so different from coaching because it's about removing the barriers to future effective action.

Steve Roesler


I would think that if the terms were defined and agreed upon in that way beforehand, then "counseling" works.

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