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Mary Jo Asmus

Great post and questions for thought, Steve. It seems to me that it takes a whole lot of courage to do more than just "present". I just had the experience of being asked to "present" (with powerpoint and bullets) to a global group of leaders. It was an interesting discussion with the conference planners because they insisted that the outcomes of the "speech" needed to be for the group to come up their own solutions to the topic at hand. Yet he wanted me to stand up and blah blah blah. I said that I wouldn't do that (I was happy to provide basic information and lead a conversation amongst the participants, though), and left without a contract, which was okay by me. Please explain how an audience can come up with their own solutions when I do all the talking (this is a rhetorical question, by the way).

Miki Saxon

Excellent, Steve! As usual, you are a voice of simple sanity in a world of increasingly complex insanity.

Steve Roesler

Mary Jo

Uh, yeah, don't you just hate when that happens?

The instance you cited is not, as you know, the least bit uncommon. The outside person is brought in to give the appearance of participation. I have recently taken a different stance with a total lack of shame. After informing the prospective client of the fact that such a presentation does not lead to the alleged desired discussion, I ask if (s)he still wants to continue. If the answer is "Yes" then I put the disclaimer in the contract and take the money.

It's just money, you know. And the mortgage company really appreciates it.

Steve Roesler


I am informing my dear wife that you have accused me of sanity. She will be baffled.

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