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Tim Croteau

Very well put, Steve. I'd argue that these 3 key points can and SHOULD be extended to any interactions with an audience, live or not. Connection, meaning and entertainment apply to bloggers, Tweeters, Facebook status-crafters, forum debaters...anyone with a message or thought they want to share with others.

The link and force around those three values is humanity. We don't relate to words; we relate to people. Adding those human touches is the spark that turns a pile of words into valuable content.

Brandon Jones

This is a very good post. One of the biggest keys to success in almost any aspect of life is connecting with your audience. The points that you mentioned are valuable keys to connecting with your audience. Thanks, Brandon

Steve Roesler


Indeed, we're talking communication and connection here. I wonder how many folks extend this kind of approach into the realms you've suggested?

Good advice.

Steve Roesler

Thanks, Brandon, good to see you here again!

Paul Nicholas

This is great stuff, Steve, and straight to the point - Thank you!
Audiences first want feel something when they engage with a speaker - then, when they feel good and positive they want meaning. Engage their emotions, then satisfy their intellect.

Steve Roesler


Wouldn't it be powerful if we could build a critical mass of people who knew how to really connect?

Sunny Lam


The three points you give of Connecting, Entertaining and Meaning (CEM) remind me of Connie Dieken's Connect, Convey and Convince.

All of the steps are important to every kind of communication including interviews in a job search.

Having the knowledge is necessary and so is the appeal to the heart.

It would be powerful if everyone knew how to "Connect" and it can be difficult.

It takes good mentors to pull it off - the earlier one has them in life the better.


Steve Roesler

Hello, Sunny

I'm not familiar with Connie but I'm sure our readers will appreciate the resource and it does sound quite similar in approach.

Let's keep people focused on connecting, eh?

Paul Nicholas

Steve, thank you for your reference to "a critical mass of people who knew how to really connect". The concept is both inspirational and aspirational, and it has sent my imagination spiralling into creative possibilities. What a task, and what a target - and it will be the journey, not the arrival, that really matters.

Steve Roesler


I hope that your spiralling journey is a meaningful one. Thanks for weighing in.

Paul Nicholas

I've spiralled back again after visiting many other sites - and my God there's some garbage out there! Thanks for your sense and inspiration!

Steve Roesler

Paul, it's good to see you in spiral mode:-) How is everything going with the biz over there?

Paul Nicholas

Hi Steve,
The biz over here is going in the right direction - but it's a lot like pushing big stones uphill! I'm grateful for the inspiration of guys like you. Gave a seminar today on the neuroscience of changing minds - great seminar, but half empty - or was that half full? I guess it takes time to change a world!

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