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Scott Hunter

Great points. I think the same type of concepts apply to businesses wanting to be "coached" when they hire consultants. If the leaders are not willing to really look deep within to make change and realize where their own weaknesses are coaching can be a real challenge.

Steve Roesler


Indeed, your insight is a shared one.

After a few years of listening to senior execs talk about "them" and what "they" needed to change, I started putting the self-responsibility issue on the table straight away:

"Do you realized that for the business to improve, you are the first person who has to make some changes? Are you willing to commit to that?"

Many do, some don't. From a consultant's perspective, the second choice allows one to wish the individual well and move on to committed clients/prospective clients.

Thanks for taking time to weigh in with your experience.

Enriching Life

From my experience companies can only grow so far as their executives are willing to move forward. If they reach their limits then the company will do too. Thx for this great post!


Steve, do you measure these five dimensions with some form of questionnaire instrument or audit template?

Steve Roesler

Enriching Life (great mission)!

Organizations are living systems; when any one part stops growing and wilts, the consequences mirror that of a human illness. The entity becomes unhealthy and, at best, stagnant.

Willingness to learn is, in and of itself, a sign of emotional and intellectual health. As you mention, it's critical to executive leadership.

Steve Roesler

Hello, Matthew

The short answer: Yes.

The longer answer: Depending upon the situation and focus of the engagement, we may do a personalized survey followed by interviews; interviews alone; or simply have a team/group meeting that discusses the observable behaviors in each dimension and what will happen to move forward in those areas that need growth.

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