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coaching employees

I agree with this, and it presents a rather big problem especially for those who are not very quick learners.

Balanced Scorecard Template

Thanks for this. Lack of communication can really be tough on a business.

David M. Kasprzak

Good post, Steve,

I am fairly convinced that, by the time we observe something troublesome, we are not seeing the problem - we are seeing a symptom of the underlying problem. Considering your example, the immediate firefight might be over a customer threatening to break a contract - that's a symptom of an underlying problem. The reason for the upset customer is marketing's refusal to follow guidelines. But why are they ignoring the guidlines?

The marketers are handsomely rewarded for closing deals, which they did, but if the guidelines had been followed, there'd be no sale. It could be that departments are stovepiped and individually rewarded for efforts that benefit themselves directly, leading to the wrong behaviors when viewed an enterprise-wide persepctive. Yipes! That's a real problem that could be driving all the other troubles.

I agree with you entirely - Those daily firefights are just symptoms. You need to get down to the root cause, or you'll just be putting out the same fire over and over again.

Steve Roesler


Thank you for laying out a few underlying sets of dynamics that could be causing the symptom that we are seeing. I, too, am convinced that what we see is a symptom of the problem. I must say that, after years and years in business and having attended training while a manager, Cause Analysis was one of the two or three most useful programs in my career.


i think when people are complaining about communication problems, it is always different. communication is such an inter-disciplinar thing, it means too many things. i absolute agree with the back-question for the specification of the problem. i hear the sentence in critics very often: "because of the wrong communication". i always wonder what it really means, in the concrete situation. nice post btw, it made me thinking

Steve Roesler

Klara, pleased that you found it thought-provoking.

Know Yourself Quiz

Communication.. something we all struggle with especially in a business. Thank you for pointing this out and explaining the importance of having good communication in a team. It cannot be stressed enough. Good job!


very nice blog.......

Jean Tupas

Communication problems rooted from misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and lastly conflict. Just like what you all said, it is not that easy to fix. However, we have to bear in mind that problems specially in communication happen all the time. Listening carefully from people involved in the issue is the only solution for any presenting problem such as this.

Jerry Hingle

Communication is often the recurring problem in an organization or business. It's definitely something that needs to be addressed time and time again. Thanks for the post, it was really interesting.

Steve Roesler


Wouldn't it be great if more of us viewed communication as listening vs. talking? :-)

Steve Roesler


Since "getting things done through others" is the main focus for managers, it would make sense that building good relationship is a high priority. Being an effective communicator goes a long way to accomplishing that.

federal labor law posters

One of the things that I always hated when working in a firm was lack of communication. Allot of big issues can be avoided with good communication.


Does this mean that marketer always use double meaning words in promoting the products?

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