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Mary Jo Asmus

Steve, I loved this. It seemed to me to illustrate how important focus and presence is for a leader in order to do every one of these things.

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Thank for sharing these inspiring tips. Now doubt that effective management relies heavily on tangible measurable capabilities such as effective planning; the use of organizational systems; and the use of appropriate communications methods.

Steve Roesler


Thanks for the encouragement. Have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of "Being Here" and how little we address it. Perhaps it seems too "un-businesslike" to start going down that path, but as I continue writing the book (almost finished), I find that success doesn't happen if you don't really "show up." And that goes for all the little things, too.

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Very useful tips that leaders can use. 'Leading starts with Clarity' is certainly one of the most essential things that leaders should always pay heed to. Thanks for sharing such great tips with us.


My favorite of the 5 tips that make a difference is #1, leading starts with clarity. "The time that a leader spends getting clear about what needs to be done will pay off in quickly-focused effort as a result of increased understanding." As a Recruiter for various companies and position, the biggest part of my job is clarity. When I am resume sourcing and searching for resumes the more information the hiring manager has given me the more successful I will be recruiting for their position.

Steve Roesler

HI, Elizabeth

Well put, and you no doubt have a basketful of clarifying questions to gather that information. If everyone in the business food chain took time to 'clarify,' we would all be a lot more successful with a lot less friction getting there.

Thanks for taking time to weigh in--here's to a successful year!


Stephan De Villiers

Five Valuable tips, going a long way in helping leaders be more effective, if it can be implemented consistently. Thanks for sharing this!

Elijah Jatovsky

I loved reading these points, and couldn't help but wishing every Congressman were given a set of these. I think that one of the main reasons our government is not functioning properly now is because we don't have leaders who are clear, know how to mediate, understand those who are different than them, or know when and when not to speak up.

In an effort to provide the next generation of leaders with tools to be able to communicate better, I created a project called National Connect (www.nationalconnect.org) that fosters dialogue between high school students who come from highly different backgrounds, and provides them with opportunities to educate one another about their core beliefs and why they hold them. What are your thoughts on all this?

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