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I agree w the bit about saying no. That is a very, very difficult thing to do. You just end up thinking of the possible consequences of saying no!

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Lovely tips given. I am much informed.


This becomes especially harder in the workplace, where people are compensated for the work they put in. Asking for or giving help becomes a question of business ethics because there's money and resources involved.

Wesley Connell

This idea is a bit deeper than most people think. I think about the person at work who needs to feel in control of all aspects to ensure the quality of the end product. While it is great to be able to guarantee the final product, creating an artificial bottle neck by forcing a hub and spoke model will only create added pressure to work harder. The idea of asking for help is a signal of trust and respect that you believe the person you are asking has the ability and willingness to complete the task to the required level. Not only will asking for help create a more mutual respectful workplace, it will also relieve some of the pressure off of the bottleneck. Most Lean practitioners talk of "Respect for People" and this idea of open conversation in asking for help, especially with the added caveat of making it easy to say no, managers are building the mutual respect needed to grow a continuous improvement culture.

Thanks for the post Steve!


I have to say I have fallen victim to what you are saying so many times myself. I often fail to ask for help, trying to take on everything myself and believing everyone else is too busy to care if they don't ask.

Unfortunately it leads to a moment of which I become very stressed and push all that frustration out on the people around me who do what? Help...haha.


One of the most important lessen in life... when you need help, all you gotta do is ask!

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