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Mike Myatt

Hi Steve:

Thanks for tackling this subject. I agree that defining leadership is important, so important I a few years back I created a definition that made sense for me:

“Leadership is the professed desire and commitment to serve others by subordinating personal interests to the needs of those being led through effectively demonstrating the experience, humility, wisdom and discernment necessary to create the trust & influence to cause the right things, to happen for the right reasons, at the right times.”

Phil Gerbyshak

So simple yet so powerful Steve, and on your birthday no less.

The way you close this is such a great reminder to us all. I've got a few new leaders that need to hear this. Thanks!

Tim Milburn (@timage)

Steve. I'm starting to lean more and more into the idea that leadership is a willingness to take on responsibility. You can't necessarily choose to be a leader, but you can choose to be responsible. If one is willing to take responsibility, there may be others who are willing to step in and help carry the load.

I really like the simplicity and back to basics feel of this post. Thanks for reminding us all how much noise there is out there in the leadership universe.


This line is a kicker: "the boldness to stand up and lead, and the humility to stand up and follow"

As you said, leadership IS a group activity. We've all seen teams that don't work because everyone wants to be the leader, or meetings that get nothing done because things stop at the "idea" phase as endless conversation stops the group from committing to one direction. And it might very well BE because we have different ideas of what leadership is, but not enough conviction to persuade our own set of followers.

You've asked some heavy questions of us here, and the answer is certainly not easy! -JMM

Stephan de Villiers

The profound is often found in the simple. Without making it as complicated as some people want to make it you cut through to the core of successful personal leadership - humbleness.


For me, a leader is a person who:
1) Leads people,
2) Influences people,
3) Commands people, and
4) Guides people.

Overall, he is the person who is always there for his/her followers.

Prince Smith

What a very motivational article here! Thanks a lot for sharing this brilliant thoughts about what leadership really is! Two thumbs up! :)

Mandy Garsia

I like John C. Maxwell's description: "leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less."

And i totally agree to that. Leader has to had something more than regular one, the power of him must seen by others and be respectful

Jobs In My Area

amazing post! this was really helpful information for me.

Ioana Lazarov


A thought provoking article. :0)

One question remains: if there is so much literature on effective leadership styles, how come so many do such a poor job of it?

Is anybody doing any more reading prior to or once reached leadership level?

I guess it's easier to 'pretend' one leads than to follow or implement the leadership ideas or results... :0)

Kent Julian

Thanks for sharing this awesome post Steve. What you said about Leadership involving two elements: the boldness to stand up and lead, and the humility to stand up and follow, made me realized that being a leader essentially requires to a lot to take action and live it forward! Faith without action is dead, and so is a person who wants to breakout of mediocrity but refuses to take action. What good is it to expecting great things and practice self evaluation if neither is attached to action. As the saying goes, “A one hundred mile journey begins with just a single step.” So take that single step today and start living it forward.

Keep up the great work Steve and keep your posts coming!

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