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Denise Green

You've brought back memories of a time I walked up to the Executive floor at Oracle, shocked to find a blurry photo of myself taped to a door: it was me on stage in a sequined Elvis jacked, dancing and singing at a recent welcome party for a group I'd just trained (as part of an M&A on-boarding). The caption said "To sign up for management training, write your name below." Worried that I'd embarrassed myself, my bosses told me, "Well done, we should send you to all the acquisitions."

Glad to have you back, Steve. Be well.

Jacob Trowbridge

Unique is appreciated. Weird? Not so much.

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Just some of peopletry to be unique person. It's very difficult tgo do today.

Chip @ Home Remodeling

Its not necessarily about being unique, its about being truthful to yourself and to others. Along the same lines, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. That is the same for everything else. If you love dressing a certain way or acting a certain way and it doesn't hurt anyone, do it. Libertarians have a point. Falling into a trend is fine but conformity always sounds like a insult to me. Being a part of something is natural but rolling over or selling out is not any way to live or work.

Jobs in healthcare

Irm, interesting! I believe one being themselves as to trying to be unique to stand out.

Tyler Murphy

I think being unique at work is crucial, it's so refreshing to think un-like others think, to come up with weird and unusual ways of doing something that is not conformed to the norm.

Many managers appreciate this in business, it's a breath of fresh air to them!

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