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Tyler Murphy

Thanks for this post and highlighting this topic. I believe there are many companies who don't purposely ignore middle managers, but they some how get overlooked, and the longer this goes on, the more trouble will arouse in the company.

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The highest performing labs use the best talent management practices. My conclusion was that talent management, more than anything else, is what the best.

Digital White Board Displays

Can you approach "raising" managers by giving enough rope to hand themselves with? There are different strategies I have seen fail. Teaching someone your way that worked a decade ago may not be the best approach. New talent means new ideas, hear them out and don't take anything off the table until its proven wrong. If you don't like it, that doesn't make it wrong. Remember that.


Every company should provide training for their employee and monitor its performance. It is also important how leaders motivate their people and build culture of team collaboration in the company.

Tim Rymel

We treat management training like a business plan instead of grooming managers based on their strengths and abilities and teaching them to be more human.

The Rob Moore

Great information here! From what I have seen out there in the workplace is very similar to what is being said here. I think the biggest problems lie with the fact that people aren't being challenged enough. I have have seen new people come in, get trained on the basics, and then their development stops after they learn the basics. Instead, managers, leaders, and supervisors need to constantly teach, coach, counsel so people are always growing. By doing this, there will always being plenty of talented and skilled people to advance in a company. Thanks for sharing!

Corporate Health

Totally agree with the above, the main challenge in today's workplace is engaging the line managers to engage their employees - it's a difficult trick, but the better your line managers are - the more inspiring they are - the more likely you are to retain your most promising employees for the future. Bad line managers = poor retention. Simple as that.

Felicia Corrine

Very good post. Thanks for sharing. For having a good management within the organization, one should delegate the authority in a hierarchy level. And the persons authorized at every level should be given proper training. These are the primary steps. In addition to this, there are other factors like motivation, skill, performance, review and so on.

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