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Steve, thank you for having clicked that first 'Publish' button, and sharing your ideas with us 1000 times over.

The timing of your first post was perfect. Within a year's time, we all found out what happens without Wisdom, Integrity and Discernment. Bankers betting against their clients, risky credit instruments sold as 'safe', Bear Sterns and Lehman where 'greed was good', the Madoff scam where Rate of Return blinded many.

I hope that many of us have become wiser from living those times, and reading what you have written.

Steve Roesler


Thanks for taking time out to offer the good wishes. And indeed, let's hope for--and keep working toward--a workplace with increased integrity.


Robyn McMaster

Steve, wisdom, integrity and discernment seem to go out the window when money or power is the chief priority. Without these, money or power is corrupt. Thanks for all the amazing posts you share here on All Things Workplace.

Steve Roesler

Hi, Robyn

There seems to be a theme building here when it comes to priorities and integrity. Indeed.

Robyn, many thanks to you and Ellen, too, for the inspiration your work has provided.


Mary Jo Asmus

Steve, congratulations. And thanks for being one of great people I've come to know through the blogosphere!

Bret Simmons

That is an incredible accomplishment, Steve. Congratulations!

Robert C. Barth

I agree that these three traits are probably more important to look for in potential candidates (and potential coworkers/employers), but how does one determine another's (or an institution's) level of wisdom, discernment, and integrity? Wouldn't it take prolonged exposure to determine the true nature of these traits as it pertains to any particular person? Or, at least, more that the staged interactions that the common interview process provides.

I'm not being cynical, I'm truly interested in ideas on how to gauge these traits in others if one doesn't already have the discernment skill.

Tyler Murphy

After becoming a loyal reader of your blog, I would just like to pass on my congratulations, what an accomplishment! Look forward to future posts as always!


Steve, this post speaks volumes about the way we mistake what qualities we look for in new team members and identifies exactly what we should be looking for! I agree wholeheartedly that we often start off on the wrong track when selecting people because experience is only part of what is necessary to make a good selection of candidate.How people integrate into an organisation is fundamental for its successful running. Like minded people can be an asset.

Steve Roesler

Mary Jo,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. . .and indeed, the blog has led to a wonderful relationship!


Steve Roesler

Bret, much appreciated. Your writing and that of others such as Mary Jo has been an inspiration for more than one post.


Steve Roesler

Hey, Tyler, I sure appreciate you weighing in and am pleased to know that you have enjoyed the blog. It's my hope that future posts will continue to prove useful and interesting.


Steve Roesler


It looks as if our shared experienced extends beyond us:-) Was with a client today who was in a quandary. She said, "We hire the brightest people in our profession--what happens once they start working?"

That led to a conversation about the above.

All the best,


Dan McCarthy

Steve -
1000 posts, holy cow! That's an awesome accomplishment. Congratulations, and please keep up the great work!

Chicago Web Design

What struck me right away was the quote "Does intelligence guarantee sound leadership?" and I cannot stress "no" enough. Our leader is very intelligent but does not communicate with staff so its a double edge sword in that some things may get done correctly but with lack of communication skills it leads to low worker moral, lack of others to judge the situation without knowing whats going on due to dissemination of information. So, intelligence is definitely not the only trait in looking for talent.

Steve Roesler

Hi, Dan

Well, thanks for the good wishes. You have played a big part in all of that between our online discussions, your Leadership Carnival leadership, and even phone calls.


Lynn Dessert

I am far away from1000 posts...kudos!

Steve Roesler

Lynn, appreciate the hat tip. Keep writing!



Thank you for your insight! It is so true that businesses can easily get caught up in what they are looking for and not who they are looking for. Wisdom, integrity, and discernment should the number one concern for employers when they are searching for employees. If businesses did this then maybe the that alarming rate of employee theft would diminish.

Steve Roesler


Thanks for taking time to comment. Yes, let's hope that, at minimum, the issue of theft would diminish. For the longer haul, building a company culture based upon outstanding character can be a magnet for attracting the kind of people you want (unless you're running a drug cartel:-).


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