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Steve: I agree the first 15 minutes is very important, but it goes further than that. I recently attended a similar type of meeting and there are a number of key moments before the introductions start.

1. The venue was fantastic, big car park, love it.
2. Reception was good, this is an area where many organisation get let, in this case the reception staff
had been properly briefed,and couldn't do enough for me.
3. Great coffee available before the start

All these things got us in the right mood, prior to the introduction starting, how often have you turned up somewhere, can't park, reception aren't sure which room your in and no coffee.
Even someone with a great intro is going to struggle to get people going after that.
So I agree with you attention to detail is important and so often missing.

Ted @ Luck Shop

Long meetings and conventions seem to be 60% awkward and 20% social and 20% productive and effective. Being engaging and getting things moving from the jump like this is always a great approach. Get the hard part done and set the tone for the rest of the engagement. Cheers.


My wife suggested at our wedding where the reception had five tables of ten people that we put the names of people attending under each side plate. This was a different person to the person who was at the seat. Before the reception got started I got up and told people that they had a name card under each side plate and they were to go and find that person in the reception hall and introduce themselves. The other person they did not know.

I was really sceptical of this idea, but you know first day of married life I decided to go along with it.

Boy was I wrong. There was chaos as everyone was connecting. It was fantastic and the ice was broken instantly between people.

A variation on the idea of the meeting that you describe, but my wife's idea is something I would recommend, however crazy it sounds at face value!!!


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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You are absolutely right the first 15 minutes is very important, as it will set the tone of the rest of the meeting. This is an eye-opener and I will suggest this strategy on our next event. It would be great if people will be more comfortable with everyone at the end of the day. More interactions the better for everyone. Cheers!

Rob Moore

Great tip! I learned something new! Thanks for sharing!

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