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Ashlee Chu

Such great insight & inspiration, Steve. Thanks for sharing. My favorite part, "His career path shows a progression that was slow and steady, building solid relationships and new knowledge along the way. And each step on the ladder reflected genuine accomplishment".

John @ Universal Remotes

Straight questions but are their straight answers. Loaded questions is a more accurate description. Setting the goal to become someone is a lot harder than setting the goal to achieve something like a sales projection or a position like CEO. The character of who you want to become is the hard part.

Andrew Duffy, CV Template Builder

Having a plan is always a good idea short term, medium term and long term. You need to review your plans every so often so although initially you may not think of being a CEO you may realise as you mature in your career that that is the direction you're going in.

Always aim high but don't be unrealistic and end up in a position that you're either not capable of or simply don't enjoy..

Wesley Connell

I see direct correlations to companies undergoing "Lean" transformations. Too many try to just jump to the end of the transformation by using terminology,buying fancy equipment, and pretending that they have done the work necessary to become Lean. The idea you present about slow and steady progression, creating relationships, and learning along the way is exactly the way companies should become a Lean enterprise. When you see a company truly dedicated tom becoming Lean the employees from top to bottom understand that the journey is as important as the destination.

I'll end with a James Brown quote "You got to pay the cost to be the Boss"


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Rob Moore


Great point! We definitely need more leaders like this guy in the world. Some people tend to get caught caught up on the ultimate destination that they forget about the journey. By focusing on serving and being the best leaders we can be, the future is unlimited. Thanks for sharing this!

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