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I won't find it polite to say it

I'll leave you an example of 1, from the managed point of view:

I've been ignored by my manager for 4 years. I was offered a well-paid job in a university service —and then left forgotten from day one. My position is very unusual, in every company means something different. I asked what it was about and I got ignored. I never got any explanation of what was expected to do. At first I thought it was my fault, so I decided to learn so that I could overcome my lack of whatever-it-was-I-lacked. I arrived at this blog in my search of managerial know-how. Then I got confident and talk to my managers.

My direct manager did care at first, but when he realized he had no power on the matter, he avoided the issue. I still was in the oblivion.

I decided to go to upper ranks. I talked with my manager's head. She is the #2 in our service management structure. I suspect that she was the person responsible for the offer I was given. When I met her, she asked me for data, for memos. So I did the research and offered her the data and some ideas on the possible lines of work. I talked with her several times but she never got back to me. So I reached to the conclusion that she was using the data as a tactic. I believe she delayed her answer so that I would forget the issue.

So I talked with #2 and the service director. The director listened to me too, and acknowledged the issue. This was a year and a half ago. I still don't have a clear answer.

For four years I've been working in some projects. I don't know if they were the right projects. I don't know how I performed. I still don't know what is expected from my position. A strategic plan has been developed and my area of work is not there. But I haven't been fired or informed of anything.

I am developing in this job in spite of management. This is nuts. I had been through sadness and anger. I got a little depressed. Now I'm quite sarcastic. This is a way of being disengaged.

I'm learning (formally, informally) all that I can. I seek for job opportunities out there. If I find a good job I want to be ready for the change.


I resisted the management track for several years as I observed it to be a bit of a thankless job. Finally after several other failures in our department manager position, I relented and took the job. Still being a project manager, I was now tasked with managing the department...with zero training. They just needed a warm body to fill the role. I admit to being just average at best. It's difficult to manage people at the same time as managing projects as these seem to take precedence.

Great blog and I will add the link to my blog. Check it out if you have a chance.


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