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Jamie Flinchbaugh

I think the first one is important, but it goes beyond just fixing, it also applies to coaching...meaning, don't coach everyone.

I've noticed more than a few coaches that have a hard time letting a wrong-headed comment go uncoached. They feel compelled to intervene. Fix everything, and fix everybody. This ultimately results in a shotgun approach, and the coach is resultlingly ineffective.

Focus. Pick the people you want to coach. Pick the opportunities to coach. A rule of thumb for many should be coach less often, but deeper.

Jamie Flinchbaugh

Tyler Murphy

Thanks for this post - I don't think it's possible to underestimate how important listening is in every aspect of people management. It really does make all the difference in being able to help our employees.


Steve - great posting. I totally agree. You are so right- leaders today simply don’t know enough to simply provide answers. In my experience, the usual scenario is that someone comes with a problem, they have the answer, they just need help to develop it. You’re right too that it’s crucial to listen - I’ve got as far as counting to 7 which works for me. You’ll be surprised at how much people come up with when you give them a chance to. Finally, you absolutely have to support what people do – if you ask them to do something - do your best to help them succeed.

Harris, Rothenberg International

#4 is my favorite. It's so important to stop and really listen in order to be more effective. Managers can be excellent coaches if they do it the right way.

John @ Machine Parts

Nicely put. I appreciate the clarification on 'Listen'. Its like dating, just ask questions until you know the whole truth about the situation, then make an informed decision or suggestion.


Nice and simple. I like the idea of starting with only a few people. If you have a large team the thought of coaching each and every one can be so daunting and discouraging. I've get tons of calls from associates asking for help and all too often I simply give them the answer instead of using the opportunity to build the individual. That is my challenge for the rest of the week! Thanks for the post!

Ben Hailey

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