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Thank you, Steve, for the opportunity to connect with your community here!


Steve, you should get Julie to blog more often! It’s true that very few organizations will support learning for its own sake in contrast to organizations that support learning because it has the right culture. From the training department’s point of view that absolutely means we have to kindle the habit of supporting personal development. But there’s also a role here for leaders. They need to challenge employees to do their best and then support them in their road to success. In this approach to work, learning is a natural part of achieving your goals rather than something that is grafted on.

Lynn Ferguson-Pinet

Great post and I really agree with the point of, we need to figure out how to make things work in the natural flow of things because if we keep asking people to do more things, we are fighting a losing battle. Getting at the core motivation is incredibly important. Thanks for the post!

Steve Roesler


I'm sure Julie is tickled to hear that; her work in career development is captured in her new book "Help Them Grow Or Watch Them Go. . ."

This would be a good addition to every manager's library.

Steve Roesler

Hello, Lynn

"Getting at the core of motivation" is probably the most accurate job description and key skill for every person in any leadership role, regardless of the type of organization. Those who pursue and master it are those who look over their shoulder and find that people are following them.

Thanks for weighing in.


Thank you Steve for the wonderful post. Most employees will be glad knowing that their employers care for them and their opinions. It makes them feel important. This tactic is beneficial in achieving success in the business since the owner and employees are united. Employers can also use the Success Insights DISC profiling tool to enhance his knowledge of interacting with his employees.

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