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Lynn Ferguson-Pinet

It does feel like sometimes you should take some courses in being an effective counselor to be able to really help staff through difficult situations. Your advice is a great step in the right direction to both help managers and employees alike.


Steve Roesler

Hi, Lynn

I'm not sure that many organizations realize that "counseling skills" can be taught and learned for two reasons:

1. Simply to be able to better listen, understand, and respond in the most effective ways

2. To recognize when a situation has been identified that requires professional help and to be able to show people what is available and how it might be helpful.

Thanks for stopping by again and taking time to weigh in.



Your advice is very helpful and I agree with on the fact that many organizations should take a leading role in assisting people with counseling if needed. Why do you think so little emphasis is given to listening and understanding employees when there is a problem whether it be personal or professional?


Cowan Anderson

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Steve I will add one extra point to your four – wait for an answer. When people having difficulty responding to a question it usually means their answer is important. When you pose one of your questions be silent and count in your head up to 8. It may seem like an eternity but that is the time the other person will need to answer a tough question. Usually longer you wait the better and more valuable the answer would be.

Christine Steffensen

Yes, that's right "Asking then listening" will help you become a trusted colleague and interpersonal leader. You also need to seek some idea from others. Those questions really help employees and managers to pinpoint their issues at work.


Being able to pinpoint issues at work can be a difficult task if you are not accustomed to listening and asking the right questions. A great read and a must read for all leaders who aspire to truly make a difference and help their employees benefit.

Scott Hunter

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