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Robert Drescher

Hi Steve

I couldn't agree more. People that know themselves well can admit their weaknesses look for people to work with them that can compensate for those weaknesses. The arrogant types instead setup failure because they drive the very people they need away because they remind them of their weakness.

Leaders rarely need to know anything actually beyond what they do not know, other than how to find people that know what they do not. No one person can run an organization, a good leader handle what they can, and goes out and finds people to handle the stuff they cannot. That is what true leadership really is.

Dominic Perilli

Hi Steve,
Great post. Love the thought process here. Very stimulating and TRUE. I can't tell you how many people I've come across who are in denial about their weakness/weaknesses. It's a shame!

Thanks for writing.


Steve Roesler

Hello, Robert,

Thanks for weighing in. I continue to be baffled by the fact that if you, Dominic, me, and probably a host of others are aware of this, why isn't there a lot more emphasis on it?

By the way, you've got a money line going here: "Leaders rarely need to know anything actually beyond what they do not know, other than how to find people who know what they do not." Quick, see if that fits on Twitter.

All the best,


Steve Roesler

Hi, Dominic,

I appreciate your encouragement. Sometimes when one clicks the "publish" button, the gremlins whisper "no one cares about that." :-)

Indeed, it is a shame. After thinking about this for quite a while I've realized that the higher you go in organizations, the less welcome feedback becomes. Not totally true, obviously, but generally true in my practice. Not sure why other than to speculate that they've "made it" and aren't interested in working on their own growth. Some may actually be very aware and realize that working on a couple of new found "things" won't really get them or their companies a payback for the effort.

Dominic, thanks for taking time to add to the topic.


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