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Alexander Kjerulf

That's very interesting Steve.

IKEA in Denmark caught some flack a few years ago, over a similar issue. The annual christmas party is a huge tradition in Danish workplaces, but IKEA faced a problem: They're goal is that the workforce should be as diverse as the population, and since around 10% of the danish population are non-christian immigrants (mostly muslims) they felt that these parties excluded a large part of their workforce.

Consequently they scrapped the annual Christmas party and replaced it with a summer party, and were duly drubbed in the media by a lot of pundits for "surrendering Danish traditions" etc...

I've talked to some of IKEA's HR people over this, and in their case it's truly a matter of wanting to include as many people as possible - not of trying to exclude anyone. I would in fact say, that they downplayed Christmas out of Love.

student tina

I would say yes the negation of Christmas does bring me peace and joy, however this act does not give me love for I believe no holiday physically gives love rather it is the people who put meaning behind the holidays who give me love. It is only the people that matter, not the holiday. Personally being a non-Christian I enjoy the fact that "Christmas" is not labeled everywhere during this time of year, it makes me feel pressured to celebrate a holiday that has no relation to my life and also no to many other new Yorkers like me, diversity in my city is one of the things I am proud of! I enjoy embracing our differences, I would never want to push my culture/ beliefs/ or religion onto someone else. Wouldnt you feel the same? Aren't you happy that other religions, beliefs, and cultures are not labeled and forced upon you, you have a choice of choosing your beliefs? I think that freedom is awesome, and it should be protected.

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