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Good going Steve, in 10 months 200 Posts! All these valuable informative posts will help many people like me. Congrats! Have a good day. Viji

Jim Stroup

Congratulations, Steve. Here's some feedback for you: the 200th is great to know about, but I wish I had been aware of the first, so I could have paid closer attention from the beginning. Here's to #1000!

Steve Roesler

Hello, Viji and Jim,

Much appreciated...and because of our time difference, a wonderful way to start the day.

I look forward to continuing our relationship in the months and years ahead.

peter vajda

Hi Steve,

Congrats! and, more, a BIG thanks for taking the time and energy to share with and support your colleagues. IMHO, you take an interesting slant in your approach to things workplace and workplace relationships and for that I'm grateful for having found you. Continued success and good fortune as your blog unfolds.

Steve Roesler

Good morning, Peter.

Thank you for the encouragement, as always...and you know, I hope, that your ongoing comments spark many of the ideas and threads that flow from here.

It's kind of interesting how this small milestone has prompted me to think about how things should unfold in the coming months. The sense of accomplishment lasted as long as it took me to write the post. Now it's "OK, what next?"

Any insights on that?!

Kent Blumberg


Congratulations. By some bizarre coincidence, I just posted my 200th on Saturday. I've learned a lot from my own blogging, but I think I've learned more from yours. Love your stuff!


peter vajda

Hi Steve,

you wrote: It's kind of interesting how this small milestone has prompted me to think about how things should unfold in the coming months. The sense of accomplishment lasted as long as it took me to write the post. Now it's "OK, what next? Any insights on that?!

What resonates with me about your blog, Steve, is that it emanates from your head, heart and soul...for me (and my work) a necessary amalgam that is required if one is to experience true and meaningful change in one's life at work (and at home, at play and in relationship.) Most other blogs I access are mostly head stuff, information. I feel yours goes much deeper and points to real, deeper, meaningful issues that affect authenticity when it comes to life at work...be-ing as well as do-ing.

So, insights? Yes. Continue looking inside, into your heart and Inner Core, as I sense and feel you've been doing...what's needed will arise. And, I look forward to what arises.

Steve Roesler


Thanks for the kindness...and the 200th post over there is a bizarre coincidence. I should have clicked the "publish" button on Saturday and we could have had a long-distance celebration.

BTW: It was my intent to go to the conference this past weekend, but some other things began to intervene. It looks as if you thought it was quite a worthwhile experience. Am going to click some of your suggested links and try to get a feel for what I missed.

All the best...

Steve Roesler

Well, Peter, the do-ing stuff doesn't work very well without the be-ing stuff as the initiator.

Quite frankly, it's often a bit of a struggle to determine what will be most helpful within certain topics. That is, weighing the meaningful amount of be-ing information with practical actions for application.

But then, that is what the tension is usually about, eh?

Valeria Maltoni

Congratulations on 200, Steve. I am late to the party, but I brought a nice bottle of red wine and homemade biscotti to celebrate. The thought of wanting 360-degree feedback is a very valid one.

I'm with Peter V. on the heart being aligned with the head. Which is also the leading thought in my page contributed to The Age of Conversation.

Wally Bock

200 is a nice, round number, Steve, but I much more appreciate the care you take with individual posts.

You're right about the feedback and I love that, but I keep getting more excited about how thoughtful people who are interested in business and leadership are using this medium to connect to each other.

I'm looking forward to celebrating nr 201.

Steve Roesler

Valeria and Wally,

What a treat to check back in and see your comments. Our mutual blog visitation and comments have shaped my thinking about this whole medium, as well as organizational life. The standards you've set with your posts have, on more than one occasion, lifted my own quality control when it would have been easy to slack off a bit.

I thank you...

Billy Smith

Congrats on making it to 200! I am glad I found your blog and look forward to the next 200 posts. I make it a habit now to make sure I read your blog. thanks for all the great work and thoughts.


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