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Breanne Potter

Great post. Especially #2. It's hard to acknowledge then you're the problem!

I also love this comment: I contend that anything with such an impact on performance isn't a "soft" skill if it's so directly related to generating "hard" currency.

So true!!!

Steve Roesler

Hi, Breanne,

Gee, looking back, I kind of like that one, too:-)

Working as you do with CPP's tools, I'm sure you've seen more than one "Aha" as people learned more about their preferences and how they play them out in groups.

Thanks for stopping by...


I spent my day tracking down Jane McDonigle's work. She is a spectacularly successful game designer who is now writing and speaking about what makes a game "take off" and be compelling and engaging.

All the psychology is very sound, as far as I can see. She has identified 10 strengths that are visible skills of people who are good at "massive collaboration". This seems to be an natural extension of team building. I would be interested in what you think (my initial notes are on my blog).

Great post as usual.

Steve Roesler

Headed your way to check it out, Jo.


Hi Steve,

A very thoughtful post indeed. The key to building a successful team starts with picking the right people. All your points are valid and there is definitely a big role for a leader to play to make it work.

I recently stumbled upon a podcast about the 4 archetypes of people a team must comprise of. It is a very interesting perspective and my latest post on my site "Building a Perfect Team" is all about it (with the link to the podcast). I'm eager to see your 2cents on the topic. Do visit.


Joe Raasch

Hi Steve,

This is outstanding! You've captured the foundation of building and sustaining a productive, happy team - suitable to any industry.

If only this was in a one-pager format for distribution...hhhmmmm.

Make it a great day,


Steve Roesler

Thanks for the resource, Raj. I'll be checking it out.

Steve Roesler

Joe, thanks.

Is the "hmmm" another little boot to get a new product out there? :-)


Sometimes it is more about the fun part too. Here is a contest we ran which was HUGE:

Steve Roesler

Exactly the point from yesterday, GL. The stated purpose was to have fun as a group and feel good about it. (Can I get an invite to the next one?).

What doesn't work is when someone sets up a fake scenario under some other guise and then expects some specific business result.

If you're going to have fun, then have the most fun you can and call it for what it is.

If you have an ulterior motive and then get ticked off because people "only had fun," ya gotta re-think what you're up to.

Dan McCarthy

Steve –

Wow, you’ve done it! Your last two posts on what’s wrong with “teambuilding” and how to really build an effective team sums up everything I’ve wanted to scream at every manager who insists on doing this nonsense instead of addressing real issues. Now I can just send them your posts and follow up with “any questions?”

Thank-you, thank-you, thank you!

Steve Roesler

Your welcome (to the third power), Dan

Very pleased to know that this might help smooth the way.

Keep me posted, eh?


"Good systems can allow talented people to use their talents. Bad systems cause award-winning landscape architects to spend their time fixing lawnmowers."

This sentence has taken on new life in my office. We have three "award winning landscape architects" and one lawnmower savant in the office. And a large part of our official work in the office is the processing of broken lawnmowers.

Things are going to change.

Steve Roesler

Amy, you made my day!

Tell the gang I"ve got a case of 2-cycle motor oil in the garage if they run out.

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