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Chris - Manager's Sandbox

Steve, great read. My only comment: 26 is the cut-off where Gen Y ends and Gen X starts now? At 25, I've never considered myself even on the border (always firmly planted in Gen Y). My colleagues around the 30-32 year old mark feel like they're straddling, though.

I don't neccessarily disagree with your article, but I do think that lumping a 27 year old with a 38 year old in terms of general generational patterns is probably a bit of a stretch.

Steve Roesler

Chris, no argument from me. I used the same age-range that the survey used in order to represent it accurately.

I'm betting you aren't the only one who picked up on that. . .

Dan McCarthy

Steve –
Thanks for this post.
We have just to start looking at our older workers in a different way, and dispelling the myths.
I’d like to see companies start offering reduced hours and pay to older workers, as a way to transition into retirement, retain valuable knowledge and experience, and reduce costs to the company. It’s a win-win.

Steve Roesler


Such a deliberate approach makes a lot of sense.

Right now, the norm seems to be to offer "consulting" contracts to specific people upon retirement. That does add an important resource to specific projects or clients on an as-needed basis. But it misses the bigger issues that you point out.

These have been written up, published, and discussed as conference topics for a number of years now. I'm wondering why we haven't seen more purposeful action to address them sensibly.

Perhaps the current conditions will provide the impetus. . .

Wally Bock

Thanks for sharing that Hewitt study, Steve. I think a key challenge in the next few years will be to use the knowledge and commitment of older workers, while also finding ways for younger people to continue development.

Steve Roesler


One of the nagging thoughts in the back of my mind is that in the absence of older, more experienced workers, who will be there to add the kind of guidance that all of us need as we navigate our respective organizations?

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