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Chris Bailey

Steve, this is an instant classic. From an employee role, I've experienced every single one of these items so the litmus test of reality is there. Managers really need to heed this:
"Experience has shown me that good diagnostic skills are the lifeblood of managers everywhere. So is action."

Brilliant stuff!

Steve Roesler


Good to see you, man. Thanks for the nice tweet-up re: the post as well.

You know, I'm not sure how long anyone can have a career and not bump into these. In fact, the flip side of the post is really that each one can be seen as a coping mechanism when the trust level drops below the minimum daily requirement.

Anyone who wants to "get good at managing" really needs to get serious about ID-ing the telltale signs and responding in a healthy way. It's what performance and retention is all about.

Chris Witt


There's a lot here to chew on. Thanks. I'm emailing a link to the head of HR at a company I consult with because she and I were talking about these very issues just this morning. I kid you not.

I agree with you about the need to address the issue and, more specifically, to listen to what the other person says. I think really good listening -- non-defensive, respectful, committed -- can go a long way in restoring trust.


Wally Bock

Great post, Steve. I love the part about sitting down with people to determine if what you're sensing is accurate.

Steve Roesler


Pleased to know that this is helpful with a client; that's what our work is all about.

Steve Roesler

Wally, I'm guessing--based upon our experiences--that the sitting down part is actually quite unusual and is difficult for a lot of managers to do. It requires a depth of interaction that may be foreign to some.

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