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Lynn M

I enjoyed your post, Steve! This makes a lot of sense when it comes to a corporate career, or any career for that matter. It is always wise to be open to learning from those who have more experience, but you should always (to quote American Idol's judge slash genius, Paula Abdul, "snicker"...)"make it your own." Using this very example, a person could have a perfect technical voice, but if they don't put their own touch and their own emotions into a song their performance isn't very effective. It's also why you'll like taking a course from a certain teacher or professor, going to a specific doctor or dentist, and yes, working with certain managers. Many people work in the same positions/same occupations, but it is their personal touch that makes all the difference. Speaking of teenagers....isn't that what we always tell them? "Be Yourself."

Mike Wagner

Wonderful insights. There's a whole workshop on how to build principles lingering in my mind having read this one!

Also, mention of parrots reminds me of the parrot I taught to say, "Christ died for your sins." The guy working on my dishwasher one day felt funny asking if my parrot talked. I said "no". (was that wrong?) And he said, I could swear your parrot was trying to convert me.

I finally relented and told him he wasn't crazy or hearing things.

Keep creating...practical surprise,

Steve Roesler


You have created a first on All Things Workplace: a Paula Abdul quote!

But that is, indeed, the point. If you don't make it your own, your career is the equivalent of a cover band at the neighborhood bar.

Steve Roesler


There are a lot of congregations who would appreciate the brevity and clarity of your parrot in the pulpit:-)

This is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging; you never know what's going to pop up from real life as a result of a post!

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