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Jackie Cameron

What a fascinating topic Steve. I think here in the UK we might be even more afraid of success than in the rest of the world. I don't know this for sure of course but we do have a tendency to play success down so - I am looking forward to the next post....

Becky Robinson

I am new to your blog so I never saw the first post. Thank you for returning to this topic. The idea that we fear success because it shows that we have the power to change resonates deeply with me. I also agree that we fear the unknowns of the future; we fear that success will bring other changes to our lives, not all pleasant.

Rodney Johnson

Steve, great post. As I've looked at my career and followed some others, the concept of "reinventing oneself" certainly appears to track with your fear of success theme. Personally, I do the reinvent theme every 7 years or so. And I can emphatically state, each time I exited one stage and walked onto a different one scared, and at the same time, extremely excited. Yes at times, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Lisa Gates

Steve, wonderful post. It's interesting to see how we meet change and fear--usually by avoidance. One of my pet processes is to lean into the fear and spend a little time with it, see what it points to. Inside that place we can find our next right action.

To borrow from Byron Katie, what if we ask, "Who would you be without that thought?"

Steve Roesler


Don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I have lived and worked in the UK and continue to speak and consult there. My experience is that the word "success" is viewed as a bit of overstatement in a traditionally understated culture.

Steve Roesler



Isn't it fascinating how we long for a wonderful future, yet fear what might come with it?

Steve Roesler


Well, that line worked well for FDR, probably because it is an accurate reflection of truth.

Your "every 7 years" journey tracks with research that indicates one's body chemistry changes every 7 years.

Have you ever thought about that one?

Thanks for weighing in again...

Steve Roesler


"Leaning into the fear" is not a phrase I've heard before. Thanks.

It makes a great deal of sense, sense the longer we spend with some thing or some one, the more knowledgeable we become about the truth.

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