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Ed Brenegar

You are right on the money about creating a culture of thanks.
A culture is a set of ideas, behaviors and structures that support the goal, in this case, of being thankful.

Your readers may like to know that there is a place where we explore the place of thanks and gratitude in professional life. It is called Say Thanks Every Day, and you can find us at http://saythankseveryday.ning.com .

In particular, we'd love to hear peoples stories about how being thankful has made a difference.

Thanks, Steve, you are the best.

Steve Roesler


Your efforts at acknowledging the importance of gratitude prompted me to do an addition to the post. I hope that folks take advantage of it.


I've been said 'Thanks for today' a couple of times. And you know what? I know most employees do the best they can, but sometimes they slack off a bit too. Willingly and knowingly they did less than they could. And if you are said 'Thanks for today', you feel guilty because you know that during the day there was a moment you even could have done better. It boils down to a bit of conscience and honesty that tells you you did something wrong. This makes you work harder the next time, to avoid the feeling of misleading your manager. At least, that is how I feel it.

- Unomi -

Frode H

Hi Steve.
Interesting post, as I am currently doing a survey at my blog where I want to get a few answers to some questions around employees. I have two questions where there so far is 7 % answering more than 30 days to the following questions:

How long is it since the last time you got positive feedback from co-workers?

How long is it since the last time you got positive feedback from managers?

And the majority answering 15-30 days on both questions, I find it very interesting. I have not yet gotten enough people to answer the survey but there is no hurry. Still it is starting to show a trend.

So to the interesting:
Those that got positive feedback from management within the last week answer 4 out of 6 on "how happy are you with your boss?"

Those that have not had a positive feedback in 15 days or more, average at 2.5 out of 6 on the same question.

So it is easy to be a good boss, give lots of positive feedback and at least once a week! Well this is the numbers so far, not scientific and too few answers yet, but it is very interesting to see how it develops as the answers are coming in.

If any employees are reading this please do participate in my little survey at: http://nevermindthemanager.com/survey/index.php?sid=17311&lang=en

Steve Roesler


Thanks for the update. I am going to add your survey link to the post. Let's see if we can get more respondents.

Wally Bock

My mother wrote at least three thank-you notes every day of her adult life. Once I asked her what happened if there was no one to thank that day. She gave me the "mom look" and said, "Wally, there's always someone to thank."

For managers, the corollary is that there's always something to thank for without making something up. It might be effort or improvement or taking the time to help another team member. If you look, you'll find it.

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