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Becky Robinson


What do you think is the best setting employees to remind their managers about their performance? An annual review? A casual meeting? Some other time/place? I am curious about how you think this is done most effectively, and how it can be done without a person seeming too self-promoting.

I imagine that your comments are especially applicable to free-lancers, who have to continually prove their worth to keep clients and work.

Wally Bock

A good point that we need to keep making, Steve. Even if your manager is supportive,managing your career is always up to you and no one else. I call it the First Rule of Horn Tooting. No one is likely to toot your horn but you.

And, since you're probably recovering from that concert, I'll throw in my .02 on Becky's comment.

I suggest to my clients that they toot the horn in conversation, but that they also make sure there's a paper trail. In today's world, email provides an excellent way to send an email that tells your boss about a project completed or an achievement. Adding thanks to the boss or others, if appropriate is good. Other's need support and thanks from you, too.

As for freelancers needing it more, it seems to me they need this kind of support less. Most freelancers are paid by the project and there's usually feedback on each one. Folks on the payroll tend to slip into the background.

Steve Roesler


1. Yes, the recovery process apparently lasts longer than it did in 1968.

2. I like the email route you suggest. It's a built-in method to offer updates and results, which can be recalled for documentation at the right moment.

3. I still think freelancers have to be somewhat active in seeing that the right people are aware of their results. For example: Even if I contract with a particular manager, I try to find ways to let others in the hierarchy know what has transpired. Even though the contracting manager may be satisfied at project feedback time, freelancers and consultants need to be laying the groundwork for enhancing their reputations and paving the way for the next 3 or 4 sales down the road.

Wally Bock

I agree, Steve, that freelancers need to seek feedback. But I think that they're likely to get it without asking than employees are.

Steve Roesler


Yeah, I can go with "more likely" than employees. When you think about that, its' really kind of strange.

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