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It still amazes me how few managers take time to consider the person attached to the skills as opposed to just the skill set. I also find it interesting that lower level managers are more concerned than those in higher positions.

However, Steve, I do quibble on one point. You say, "History reveals that many leaders with intelligence that was clearly "above average" have oppressed their people, ruined their economies, and even committed genocide." There is absolutely nothing in any definition I've seen that says 'leadership' is always on the side of the angels—Hitler is a good example of this. Additionally, times change; our founding fathers were brilliant and talented 'leaders' who had great wisdom, discernment and integrity—they also had slaves. I constantly remind people that murder has always been wrong, but the definition of murder keeps changing.

Thanks for another brilliant post.

Steve Roesler


Actually, we are of like mind on this. Indeed, the point is that just because one exercises leadership or is seen as a leader doesn't guarantee high standards, ethics, morality, or even a respect for the constitution of one's nation.

Relativism and toying with definitions is, to me, a blaring indicator that "truth" is being subverted.


Steve, do you mean 'truth' or 'Truth'? I think there is relativity in the first, where as the second doesn't exist.

Sometimes the 'truth' SHOULD be subverted—not that long ago the 'truth' was that wives were their husbands property, times changed and it's no longer 'true'.

Murder has always been wrong, but the definition has changed over time.

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