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Frode H

Hi Steve.
Are you saying that if change happen at your job, you must evaluate and leave if you feel that your talent suddenly become wasted at work?

Can you change? Can you adapt and find a new talent?

Leving your job does also mean that you leave friends, co-workers, a place you love (or once loved) for unsecurity. Can you adapt to new surroundings and tasks to become a master in the new world that is evolving at the office?

What about managers? I have never experienced change that analyze the impact on talent. Should they prepare a good deal to the once they now want to leave? Should they try to re-educate them? And they should also consider if they need to recruit new people that fits the change.

Interesting post. The next time change is in the horizon I will consider how this will impact the talents that are present. Actually I am in the middle of it right now, but as I middle manager I try to do whatever I can to keep them, as losing a lot of employees will look bad. Next time I will ask, what about the talents.

Alright. I feel like I am learning something new everytime I read your blog Steve. That is why you got my vote for Best of leadership blogs. :)

Steve Roesler


I'm suggesting that if you aren't doing what you do well and there is no chance of it happening, it's probably a good idea to look at other options. Sooner of later:

a. You'll get burned out

b. Because you aren't in "your zone" your performance will tend to decrease and the organization will help you go:-)

Just because a job isn't 100% consistent with your talents is no excuse to bail out. Every career and profession has elements that are routine and not necessarily enriching. But we do those in order to be able to practice the "craft" we've chosen.

Thanks for the kind words, Frode.

Guy Farmer

Great post. It can't be stressed enough how vital it is to companies to identify and encourage the talents of their employees. It's amazing what happens when leaders determine what their employees are good at and then use those abilities to improve the company. The same can be said for individual employees: It's highly desirable to understand you own talents and abilities and find employment with a company that values what you bring to the table.



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