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peter vajda

...assuming that, of course, managers are passionate about what they are doing...perhaps one reason for so many of the disconnects...

if we view some employees as the "latent force and possibility" not unlike the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark...what happens when the shock of the iron is lacking or deficient?

who then is the perpetrator of their passion? Hmmm

Wally Bock

You hit something important, Steve, when you talk about managing passion. But you also note that in order to manage passion you have to know your people well enough to understand their passions and their skills.

Frode H

Hi Steve.
Yepp, great minds think alike :) Managing passion, or leading passion is what it is all about. One of the best way to succeed is to accept that all the others should be better than you. As you stated back at my blog, my obligation is to make them grow.

Great work Steve! :)
Enjoyed reading it.


Lynn M

Think about it...there are people who come along once in a while who are SUPERSTARS. They have the talent, they have the drive, they have the charisma. Yet, it often takes someone to notice them to send them on their way to greatness. Being good at what you do isn't enough alone because most people can't promote themselves without others. When a manager takes an interest in employees and is passionate about the management role, he or she can really make a difference in an individual's performance and what that person can do to help the company exceed. When people "make it big" the benefits flow to everyone around them, so good managers know the investment is worthwhile.

Amy Trueblood

Organizations have the ability to combat disengagement by proactively engaging staff members with a recognition award program. Engagement award programs recognize both managers and employees for reaching various goals designed to increase staff engagement.

Managers who participate in an engagement award program tend to be given goals that encourage them to recognize and reward their employees, meet or exceed budget guidelines and are rewarded for reaching anniversary milestones. These goals will help to increase the recognition culture of an organization, empower employees to budget wisely and increase management retention.

To read more about what engagement means and what organizations can do the engage staff members, please read my related blog on the topic: http://www.awardsnetwork.com/blog/2009/07/what-is-employee-engagement-em.html.

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