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Wally Bock

I've always been a little wary when a coaching client expresses great enthusiasm and dives right into a change that I know will be difficult. I suspect that staying power may become an issue and that the same enthusiasm will be expressed for the next good idea. Organizationally and individually, I think we're often too quick to declare victory and move on.

peter vajda

My experience is that there's sometimes a chasm between enthusiasn and commitment, in thought, and enthusiasm and commitment, in deed. One does not automatically follow the other. Once the rubber meets the road, one sometimes very readily experiences the difference between the expectation, and the reality. Steadfastness, self-management, self-discipline, strength, will, clarity, and stick-to-it-ive-ness are sometimes not in such large supply at 9:00 Monday morning as one thought might be so at 9:00 Friday night.

Mile High Pixie

Boy, isn't that the truth--people take much longer to change than things, for sure. I've been finding (and experienced while learning and working for my boss) that people often have to be told more than once. Just as we have to be reminded that fruit is better for us than a chocolate chip muffin and going for a walk is better than sitting on the sofa, we have to be reminded that THIS is how we do our quality checks on drawings and THAT is how a watertight email should read, and so on. Success is a habit and a journey, not a quick skill or a destination.

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