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peter vajda

Hi Steve,

You write: "We business types seem to have a need to put things in nice, neat boxes with a different label for each....Management coaching is simply about helping to bring about behavioral change.

This to me is a HUGE point, Steve. In my experience the major obstacle that gets in the way is that many folks just don't know how to have a real, open, honest, sincere conversation, a dialogue(even at home or at play).

Lots of folks look for the "technology" (as I said in my earlier comment yesterday); they look for the handy-dandy, hip-pocket guide, the "technology," the "steps", etc. to "save" them from being human or real because they don't know how to be real, human and authentic; having no clue as to how to really "dance" through a conversation, to massage the process, to be vulnerable, to be human in the interaction, to be "present" and in the moment and allow for flexibity in the experience of a conversation...move from foreground to background, bob and weave, feel comfortable and maybe uncomfortable, etc.

In their often fear-based attempt to have a conversation quick, neat and clean (and "safe?"), they often get it wrong. I've seen so many coaches trip up simply because they feel so uncomfortable about having a human interaction, that their need for a "technological" approach to conversing and engaging in dialogue dilutes the process and oftens ends up in frustration for both the conversants.

That's my experience.

Frode H

Hi Steve:
"I wonder if managers would "coach" more if it were suggested that they spend individual time with each of their people on "changes"

You boxed management to be about changes:

"I wonder if managers would "coach" more if it were suggested that they spend individual time with each of their people on "a regular daily basis"

I have recently experienced a eye opening moment at work. I am a result oriented person and by focusing on goals and results I suddly had a hard time reaching my goals. I am not a numbers guy, I am a people guy. It is the people that gets me up in the morning, and I love to help other people grow, and that is my anchor in my leadership style. I need to make the people reach THEIR goals, and not push them to reach MY goals or the COMPANY goals. - Because when I focus on their goals the results will follow on autopilot AND FASTER.

I have have been leading for 2,5 years at this company and for 5-6 years at other companies without my anchor really nailed stuck in my values. I am not here to make results, I am here to help people reach thier goals, and suddenly my energy was right back where it belongs. This is my drive. - The strange part is that I have been writing about this and talking about this for a while now, and only truly realized it myself a week ago...It is great!


peter vajda

Hi Steve,

As I was contemplating your graphic, it seems the reality that change is challenging and difficult when you're lugging around "old baggage."

Steve Roesler


Isn't learning great?!

Steve Roesler

Peter, you are indeed a visual processor.


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