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Mary Jo Asmus

Steve, great advice. I can't wait to read the new e-guide. And you've prompted me to write about my own take on how to create great coaching questions (soon to be on the blog).

Also, thanks for the nice plug on Assuring Sustainable Learning.

Lluc Potrony

Great advice.

Rhett Laubach

Great post, as always. The best part of this strategy is that the focus "in the moment" is on the relationship. The strategy's end goal is focused on the result (which is company/organization/stock holders/management driven and can cause the team to shut down), but it doesn't feel that way in the moment with a game plan like this. Awesome!


Great post. I just sent the link around to Prestwick House managers.

Chris Witt

Ask and listen. Ask some more and listen some more. I try to pay attention to four different levels of what the other person is trying to communicate: 1) the facts, 2) the meaning, 3) the feelings, and 4) the intention or desire. And, as you suggest, I try my best to shut up.


Steve Roesler

Mary Jo

Pleased to know you'll continue the topic! (Be sure to visit Mary Jo's site; always good thoughts and resourceful information).

Steve Roesler

Lluc, now we simply need to sit back and see if anyone takes the advice:-)

Steve Roesler


Spoken through the filter of practical experience. Hope all is well out there and that you're continuing to build leaders with character. . .

Steve Roesler

Jason, very cool. Let me know if any of them open it! :-)

Steve Roesler


Thanks for adding your four levels here; it would be hugely helpful for folks to think in those terms.

And yes, the human condition seems to always want to provide a wise response instead of a wise question!

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