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Susan Mazza

This is a great story and a great question!

Amy Wilson

Great story Steve!

Jay Self @ Goal Setting Worksheet

LOL, They were really going for a parachute-less jump. That is strong commitment indeed.

Joe Raasch

Hi Steve,

Two main themes to get that strong commitment:

1. Shared accountability towards a common goal.
2. Strong identity to mission or reason for existence for the Gurkha team

That's where a higher level of commitment is gained.

Matthew Barcomb

Just a thought...do you really want this kind of commitment?
I mean, if they seriously thought they didn't have parachutes?!?...I'm not sure I would want anyone on my team blindly committing to what gets asked of us, especially when it often makes as much sense as jumping from a plane with no parachute :)

Steve Roesler

Susan, Amy, & Jay,

Thanks for checking in on this one!

Steve Roesler


I think the issue in this case strongly reflects your #2: reason for existence. While this example might seem crazy to some, it is not to those who have made that kind of commitment for deeply-held beliefs.

Steve Roesler

Hey, Matthew,

I'd probably hesitate in a business situation and wonder, "Why isn't anyone asking any questions?"

In this situation--and similar ones--deeply held beliefs and values have prompted a commitment to pay the price.

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