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Robyn McMaster

You've done it again, Steve. You've found wisdom through nature. It keeps us in tune...

Meredith Bell

I'm a huge nature lover, Steve, and I've seen Sandhill Cranes in flight, so I enjoyed your simple but elegant insights!


I have read much about these birds, and you are just scratching the surface of this fascinating metaphor for teamwork and leadership. One of my favorite observations is the notion of situational leadership - that the flock continually changes the position (lead bird, etc) based on external factors. There are many teams I have seen who would have benefited from a rotating form of leadership, in step with changing times and challenges.

Rick Smith

Steve Roesler

Robyn, Meredith, and Rick,

Don't you wonder why we don't sit back more often, look out into the distance, and watch how "life" unfolds and functions? A lot to learn out there.

I haven't had the good fortune of Meredith to watch this particular species (yet), but learning more about them has become a genuine interest. As Rick mentions, he likes to observe shifting leadership in groups based on external factors, which simply makes sense and, of course, is borne out by years of research.

One wonders why--after observing the wonders of creation, combined with the results of research--the human condition still insists on structures and behavior that violate both. (Especially after paying good money to attend workshops and seminars in which much chin-stroking and approving nods take place:-)

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